I help busy people streamline their lives through organizing so they can get back to the things that matter most to them, whatever that might be.

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My process is non-judgemental. I want to help you go from a state of overwhelming to streamlined. Through a set of systems and routines to get back to the things you want to spend your time on!

I can help with any organizing pain point you currently have from kitchen organization and systems to meal planning to kids toys and memory boxes.

About Julie

I am Julie Staple, the Julie behind Organizing with Julie. I want to help others gain more time through organization and systems.

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Hands-on Projects

I work hands-on with you in your home to declutter and organize your space, both physical spaces and digital spaces.

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DIY Projects

Do you need some assistance with a plan for a specific project? I can help with a DIY project plan for your space.

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Where to start?

Contact me to set up a free in-home consultation. We can get to know each other and find out if we will make a good fit!

Available Services include:


We can do it together.

Routine Setup

Having a routine can have a big impact on your home life.


Find a home for your belongings.

Life Transition

A big life change can affect every area of your home and life.


Can be a difficult process alone.

Special Projects

Some projects don't fit in a category!

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No Judgement.

I meet you right where you are right now. There is no need to tidy up your spaces before we meet for a consultation or session. I want to see how you genuinely live so that we can work together and assess where I can help the most. And, no your home is not the worst I have seen, honestly.

I'm here to help.

I have the skill of organization, and I want to share it with everyone so they can live better lives. Organizing is a skill like riding a bike, something everyone can learn. It's never too late to learn organizing skills.


Where to start?

Contact me to set up a free in-home consultation. We can get to know each other and find out if we will make a good fit!

When my husband and I moved into our home, we unpacked quickly, with no rhyme or reason. It is only now, two years later, that we’ve been able to come up for air and thank our lucky stars to be able to have Julie help organize our lives. Through feeding babies and pregnancies, I was constantly staring at our disaster of a closet, and now I can look at it and feel calm. Everything has a place. It feels organized, calming and incredibly functional. Huge thanks to Julie for helping design our new closet and help us feel less chaotic!

Victoria S.

As an avid artist I tend to be very disorganized keeping my pencils and brushes and different projects in a disorganized fashion. I had Julie help me with my studio space decluttering my closet and creating a storage system for materials and projects. Keeping them all in one location.

Chris K.