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2020 Organizing Encouragement – Where are your spices in your kitchen?

Last week’s post was very detailed, this week is more of a thinking post. Where in your kitchen do you keep your spices? This may not be something you think about, but it can impact your productivity!

I worked with a client last year who had spices in three different locations in the kitchen. This isn’t uncommon, but it does mean having to search for spices and having to look in more than one place. It can also mean having unintended duplicates of regularly used spices. Some were located in the pantry, a few on the counter, and some across the kitchen from the cooktop in this cupboard:

We consolidated them all to one location in the upper cabinet beside the cooktop along with sauces and oils:

The spices are now close to the cooktop, so this client can easily add extra garlic powder or red pepper flakes to any dishes without walking across the kitchen. This also makes food prep more straightforward and faster, as the prep station is the counter directly below this cupboard.

When looking at the organization of any space, step back and think about what would reduce the number of movements needed to perform an action? This can have the most impact in the kitchen where we spend a lot of our time.

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