2020 Encouragement

2020 Organizing Encouragement – without Judgement

We are already a few days into a New Year. Do you feel behind already? There are so many posts floating around the internet for organizing challenges and ALL THE THINGS to get you organized this year!

Hold on a minute. This is your friendly reminder that you are not behind. We can start today or this week or even next week. Judgement free! The New Year holds a lot of possibilities. But, ease into those possibilities. Give yourself a break, you have just been through a hectic time of year, and you made it. You are (likely) now back into your regular routine of responsibilities. But, with the added pressure of a new year.

Encouragement for different things you can work on will come soon, but for now, be kind to yourself. Here is to easing into the New Year judgement-free!

Find the full list of 2020 Organizing Encouragement here.

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