2020 Encouragement

2020 Organizing Encouragement – Do you trust your todo list?

Not trusting a todo list might be an odd thing for some of us. And that is okay. Not everything works for every person, that is what makes us all unique and interesting!

But, seriously think about it for a minute. Do you trust your todo list? Can you trust your todo system with all the things you need to do, want to do, and should do? Do you have a place for your someday I should do that list or your if I won a million dollars list? or your Thursday is garbage day task?

Some of you might be asking, why are you asking us this Julie?

I have tried out so many different todo lists and ‘organization’ options for my tasks that I have at times not trusted the list or app. I didn’t trust that I had ALL of the things in the app or that I hadn’t done some of them and forgot to log in and check them off. The bottom line, I no longer trusted the app or method or whatever I was doing to track my todos. It caused me stress!

So, what is the answer? Do I have the best todo app that will make your life all organized?

No, there is no special app or system that I am telling you is the best. The answer is maintenance of your todo list – regardless of the app or system. That is it, so simple (yet so hard to do). I now review ALL of my todos and tasks and lists weekly (okay mostly every week, I am all about full disclosure!). I review my paper list I made for the items to do that week and my digital lists. So, I know what was completed 💪, what is behind or needs to be done soon⌛️, what is reoccurring 🔄 , and also what I no longer feel I need to do and it can just be crossed off ✖️.

Suggestion for this week:

  1. Collect all of your lists and tasks and todos and things you don’t want to forget all in one place.
  2. Anything with a date – mark in a calendar, either paper, if you will look at it regularly or the digital calendar on your phone with a notification to remind you!
  3. Any tasks that don’t have a date but are things you need to do, create a list. If this is something you haven’t done in a while and have a lot of items in your head, do a full brain dump of ALL of the things in one list. Everything from ‘make a dentist appointment’ to ‘hem your pants’ to ‘visit Grandma’ and ‘buy a birthday card for a friend/partner’ makes it on the big brain dump list. I do this semi-regularly when I get overwhelmed with all the things I want to accomplish! It helps get it out of your head and hopefully with time into a system you trust.
  4. If your list is fairly short and manageable because you are on top of your todos, you get a gold star ⭐️ and can move on to #7
  5. If you have a startlingly long list of items, take a deep breath, then break it down. Move items to different lists; there are many ways you can break this up, depending on your life at the moment. You can organize them by:
    – urgent / not urgent / someday / delegate
    – school work / home life / personal life / paid work
    – employment / DIY home / personal life
    – project A / project B / project C / life
    – me / kids / partner / work
    – must dos / want to dos / don’t wanna dos / should dos
    As you can see, there are many ways that you could separate items. Your life is unique, and your system should be too!
  6. If you have lots of items on your list(s), you might want a Next Action or Urgent list of the things you should work on next regardless of the separated lists above. I do this because I have many different projects in my life. I take my separate lists and look at my schedule for the week and then think about what I can realistically work on, and put it on the list to be done that week. It is less overwhelming for me this way and priorities items. 
  7. Next is the MOST IMPORTANT PART! We can’t do this just once and be done, we need to review our list(s) regularly. We cannot just forget about one list and think we know what is on it. Trust is key, we need to be able to trust our lists(s) to include ALL the things, so it needs to be reviewed regularly. 

Let me know if this resonated with you. You can comment below are find me on socials and let me know! Tag me but also use the hashtag #OWJOrgEncouragement

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