2020 Encouragement

2020 Organizing Encouragement – Home for your Keys and Wallet/bag

The amount of time we spend hunting for our keys or wallet or purse or bag could be used so much better. This also causes extra anxiety we do not need!

When we moved into our house, one of the first things I did was figure out where my keys and bag would ‘live’. We have a garage at the back of the house, so we mostly come and go through the back door. We also have a make-shift mudroom inside the backdoor with some hooks, a bench, and a small closet. My keys lived in a small tray on the bench, and my bag/purse lived on a hook inside the closet.  

This system worked well until we opened an Airbnb in our home. Our guests come in and out through our backdoor into the house. I didn’t want to leave my keys and bag at the backdoor any longer, so I needed a new system. And…I didn’t set one up 🤦‍♀️. I mean I should definitely know better! My keys generally are in my bag now, and my bag is usually in a closet upstairs. But, I have to admit I have searched for my keys or wallet more than a few times since we started our Airbnb, so I need to do this too!

Steps and things to think about to find a ‘home’ for your keys/wallet/bag:

  1. Do you come and go from the front or back door of the house/apartment? 
  2. Do you live in a shared space and need somewhere more secure?
  3. Perhaps wherever your shoes live would be the right place for your keys/wallet/bag?
  4. Where can you ALWAYS put your keys/wallet/bag, so you always know where it lives? But, it isn’t in the way?
  5. Is there enough space to always have your keys, etc. there?
  6. Is it convenient for your life? Do you usually run late, so need your keys to be near the door instead of across your living space?

I have added a tray to a convenient table for my wallet and keys; this should work for me going forward so I don’t have to hunt for my keys/wallet going forward. I tend to just grab my wallet and keys instead of a bag half the time when I go out, so this works.

The key (see what I did there 😉) is ALWAYS putting your keys/wallet/bag back in the same place no matter how tired you are!

Let me know if this resonated with you. You can comment below or find me on socials! Tag me but also use the hashtag #OWJOrgEncouragement

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