2020 Encouragement

2020 Organizing Encouragement – Is there time on your calendar for you?

Well, we have made it through January, that 100% deserves a high five! ✋

In the Northern hemisphere, January tends to feel super duper long. We have been very busy with celebrations around the holidays and New Years’. We jump back into work/family life and then generally want to be better in all the things as well. Which tends to make January feel like the longest month of the year, but we made it through!

Today, I want to have you look at your calendar for February. Seriously take a look at all the things that you have set for yourself this month. Let me know if you have the following items planned for this month:

  • Time for self-care. Preferably weekly, but at least something every other week just for you. This could be simple like reading time or bath time. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or time-consuming like a full spa day unless that is your thing!
  • Time with your partner/significant other. This could be planned tv watching or a date night. But, time for you to spend together that is set aside from your daily life to just be together without distractions like phones and tablets.
  • Time with family. This could be one afternoon in the month to spend with your immediate family to go on an adventure or could be a planned online video chat with your family that isn’t local.
  • Time with friends. Friendships can suffer during our busy day-to-day life. Do you have one planned friendship catch-up either physically or virtually? 
  • Time to do nothing productive. This can be super hard for some of us to do. I find this difficult, relaxing doesn’t come easy to me. But, it is important! So, having time for nothing specific can be helpful.
  • Time to plan. You need to set aside time to plan your time! 

These might seem like an odd set of things for an organizer to suggest you think about. Sometimes we can miss the importance of the people in our lives (including ourselves) to get one more thing done on our todo lists. And, that can including organizing/declutter projects! I help people streamline their lives through the organization but with the goal to have time for the people and things we most enjoy. Something we all need the reminder of what is most important – the people we love in our lives. 

Let me know if this resonated with you. You can comment below or find me on socials! Tag me but also use the hashtag #OWJOrgEncouragement

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