2020 Organizing Encouragement

I don't like the idea of an organizing challenge, that seems like too much pressure! Instead, here is some organizing encouragement to make small changes to your organization and routines that will help streamline your life. Jump in wherever you are, work on what you need help with. Ask questions as you go along. I'm here to help with whatever you need!

I'll post a new tip, idea, or suggestion each week on social media, these are all the past and current posts:

  1. Start where you are without judgment
  2. Do you trust your todo list?
  3. Declare email bankruptcy
  4. Do you have a 'home' for keys and wallet?
  5. Do you have time on your calendar for you?
  6. After email bankruptcy, how do you organize your email?
  7. How to setup Gmail labels
  8. Where in your kitchen are your spices?
  9. How many seasonal items is too many?


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