Testimonials from past clients:

When my husband and I moved into our home, we unpacked quickly, with no rhyme or reason. It is only now, two years later, that we’ve been able to come up for air and thank our lucky stars to be able to have Julie help organize our lives. Through feeding babies and pregnancies, I was constantly staring at our disaster of a closet, and now I can look at it and feel calm. Everything has a place. It feels organized, calming and incredibly functional. Huge thanks to Julie for helping design our new closet and help us feel less chaotic!

Victoria S.

As an avid artist I tend to be very disorganized keeping my pencils and brushes and different projects in a disorganized fashion. I had Julie help me with my studio space decluttering my closet and creating a storage system for materials and projects. Keeping them all in one location.

Chris K.

Very professional and organized, open to ideas. Was a pleasure to work with.

Mike S.